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  Chain Link Fencing Product Information
  Do it Yourself chin Link from Michaels Fence
    Chain link provides optimum security for your
home, equipment, kids or pets. Strong and
attractive chain link gives years of
maintenence free pleasure while wood is the
king for privacy and windbrading. A wood
fence gives years of service and extra value
to your property.
  Sketch your home and yard layout. Measure
all distances on fence line allowing for
gates. Standard gates are 36", 42", or 48"
wide with driveway gates 10' & 12' wide.
  After measuring, determine length of fence,
number of posts, crossbars or toprails,
gates, hardware, nails, and cement.

After plotting post positions, begin your
holes. This is both the hardest and most
important step in fencing. Holes should be
large enough in diameter to provide
adequate support and should be 24"-30"
deep. Keep hole bottoms flat for more
stability. Add cement to hole and insert post.
Cement should be under as well as around
the post. Check level of post as cement sets.
Check level from all sides of post.

  After cement is set attach crossbars. We
recommend 3-crossbars with the top one
overlapping top of post as shown inset for
stability. Begin attaching fence boards from
one end, pushing each one against the
preceeding board and nailing securely.
  For chain link attach top rail with hardware.
Attach chain link at one end and pull tight
with "come-along" winch secured to fabric
with a steel rod through mesh.

A new fence can be like a breathe of fresh
air for your home.

In addition to building the finest in fences
for over 40 years, Michaels fence provides
the do-it-yourselfer with the raw materials
of fencing and expert advice. Come in and
check our prices and friendly advice first.

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